munduruku brazil amazon Our Campaigns An ally to indigenous causes worldwide

We believe in the power of collaboration and work alongside
Indigenous led organisations and local communities
to foster change.

Our objectives are: 

• to uphold the UN’s declaration of Indigenous Peoples Rights  (UNDRIP)
• to support the vital role indigenous peoples play in protecting the environment.
• to highlight the importance of cultural diversity and ancestral wisdom.
• to tackle misrepresentation and stereotypical documentation of indigenous peoples.

Current Campaigns

Current Campaigns
Some of our ongoing projects around the world

munduruku brazil amazon WE ARE THE POPLE OF
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Kichwa Sarayaku Ecuador Rainforest SECRET
View Project
Papua New Guinea Sing Sing FREE
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Past Campaigns
Past Campaigns
Our archive of completed projects

MENTAWAI View Project Greendlandic Maskdance Riddu Riddu Saami RIDDU-RIDDU View Project Wayne Quilliam Aboriginal TIWI
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Xakriaba Free Land Camp Brazil Indigenous Xakriaba View Project View Project MAZATECA BENIN View Project Nepal Indigenous View Project NEPAL San Khoi Botswana View Project BOTSWANA