Art and music illuminate our lives, enriches our emotional world and are tools for deep learning. This is especially important in Indigenous communities, where art & music are fundamental to culture, the transmission of ancestral knowledge and communicating with the natural world.

The NATV Awards is a celebration of Indigenous artists, musicians and cultural practitioners, hosted by The Sinchi Foundation. Artists are invited to submit their work and their relationship to their own culture(s) from both traditional and contemporary perspectives. The winner of the award receives both an individual prize and an artistic grant dedicated to the creation of a work of art or community project.

The objective of the awards is to recognise and showcase the most talented Indigenous artists & performers from around the world. And through their work, to transcend language barriers and connect people at a core level, so we can show the current realities / challenges faced, raise awareness and increase support for Indigenous Peoples worldwide.





Competition Now Closed

Only open to Indigenous Artists.

We accept both submissions and nominations of other artists.

2020/21 Winners

Honourable Mentions

“The media, art world and creative industry are inherently white spaces that portray the world through the lens of the colonial mindset. It is my job, it is all of our jobs, to create glitches in the algorithms so that Indigenous perspectives can enter the mainstream.”

– Josué Rivas, 2020 competition judge