Kind In Benin

Among the voodoo spirits

KIB (Kind in Benin/ Child in Benin) is a Dutch NGO supporting projects in Benin. Our most challenging project is to support the people of the Couffo district in Benin in their need to give an honest impression of their voodoo believe.

In the western world voodoo is above all associated with mysterious rites and blood sacrifices, with obsession and belief in dark powers. The traditional religious voodoo leaders in Benin are aware of this and are looking for ways to adjust that primarily negative view. For them voodoo is much more than an ancient ancestral religion. For them voodoo is a comprehensive view of the world. It gives meaning and direction to the events of life and forms a guideline for everyday life. At the same time they realize that the modern world inevitably enters their life more and more and that the demands this new world asks of them may clash with the duties that the old world imposes on them.

We are given the honour to collaborate with the local people in making a documentary about this process in a way that justifies all parties.

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