Caat Project group

Caat Projects

By collaborating with local initiatives that look to empower vulnerable communities (or groups), CAAT projects aims to bring creative and sustainable methods that help them realise their full potential.
We promote:
– Art, multiculturalism and diversity;
– Resilience and integration of vulnerable groups;
– Creative and sustainable solutions.

We organize several events within the EU to raise awareness and funds for local projects in the Netherlands concerning refugees and asylum-seekers. One of our biggest international events is our youth seminar/exchange, for which we are collaborating with the council of Europe in the Erasmus Plus program. Partner-NGO’s are located in Portugal, Georgia, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ireland and host regular youth seminars for and with us for the duration of about a week. The program is aimed at promoting diversity, educating youth workers and youth leaders in a non-formal manner on how to create greater understanding for minorities within their local community.

The long-term goal is the creation of an active collaboration platform. Through this platform new local projects will be developed and youth empowered to be active citizens in everyday-life situations and to contribute to a truly democratic and inclusive society.