Happinez Magazine Cover

Happinez Magazine

“We look at the world with a beginners mind. There are many roads to authentic and sustainable happiness. Will you join us on that journey?”

Happinez is the first mindstyle magazine, founded in 2003. A magazine for people who are interested in giving meaning to their life, in combination with a pure, styleful way of living. Happinez gives her readers the opportunity to dig deeper into themselves through the introduction of a very broad set of topics and content, for instance: spirituality, philosophy and cultural belief systems. Whereby adding a new dimension to living, working, health, travel, arts, nature and housing. Happinez is a magazine that gives purpose and joy to her readers, both through inspiring interviews, reports and background articles accompanied by stunning photographs and lay-outs. Happinez is issued 8 times a year, both in print and in Blendle. They also offer a set of online-courses (in Dutch) and apps for you to install.

Apart from the actual magazine, Happinez helps and supports designers, fair trade organizations and non-profits through the sales on their webshop.