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Heroes & Friends

Heroes & Friends is a platform on a mission to empower movements to create change by enabling heroes to spark the change and friends to #ShareHeroism.

We are a community of idealists, believers, and makers that challenges heroes to turn needs into direct action. Through the power of social networks, they reach friends and the friends of their friends, who support projects and campaigns with their network, skills, stuff or cash.

The community of heroes is diverse with indigenous Amazonians in Brazil, the Maasai in Kenya, and Higaonon tribes in the Philippines. They found volunteers, materials, and raised money to buy land, protect forest, regenerate ecosystems and inspired others with their wisdom and traditions. Building a long-lasting relationship with people from different cultures to create a change in their communities. Besides indigenous groups there is a large network of NGOs, civil initiatives, social enterprises and individual change makers using the platform.

Change needs makers – get on board to create a world beyond awesome.