Impact Journey

Impact Journey

Why we do it?

Impact Journey was founded on the urgency and necessity of social and environmental change to combat (rising) inequality, exploitation, climate change and to overcome the huge misunderstanding and misrepresentation of ‘the other’.

In the global North the perception of extreme poverty, hunger and misery still prevails when thinking about developing countries. Oftentimes a big misconception that prevents sustainable investments, tourism and in general a sense of connectedness. It is about time to present a more balanced image of both problems and opportunities.

How we do it?

We (co-)create Impact Journeys. An umbrella term for innovative, slightly unconventional projects focusing on the interplay between Global South and North, making people, (social) enterprises and decision makers more aware and increase dedicated action to solve issues and / or grasp opportunities.

During our Impact Journeys we focus primarily on advocacy- and capacity building activities. Here we will be using a mixed methods approach using the power of media, stories and technology and combine the skills of a wide range of partners – ranging from individual expertise, social enterprises or NGOs.

Each Impact Journey will be characterized by a different approach in execution, fundraising en partnership – depending on the location, complexity and duration. From 2017 onwards we will start to make Impact Journeys available to join for individuals and customize Impact Journeys for institutions and (social) enterprises.

What we do? Check our projects.