Climate change through human activity is now scientifically recognized and its devastating effects are increasingly being felt around the planet. Deforestation is responsible for nearly one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions and has resulted in significant loss of biodiversity and degradation of land and water resources.

Treecreds is a support, management, advocacy and promotional agency for avoided deforestation and associated projects around the world.

Treecreds was formed in 2009 and is dedicated to saving threatened forests by providing an environmental impact consultancy and by selling carbon offsets derived from avoided deforestation projects. We choose Reduced Emissions through Deforestation and forest Degratation (REDD) projects because we believe that preventing deforestation is one of the critical approaches to addressing climate change.

Why Treecreds?

Treecreds is one of the few environmental organisations in the world that offers unique capability in the advocacy and sale of carbon offsets derived soley from avoided deforestation projects.

We stand by the preservation of existing forests because of their value in acting as an existing carbon sink.  When these forests are destroyed the inherent carbon is released back into the atmosphere thereby contributing to an increase of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our brand, TREECREDS, can also be a valuable marketing tool to help validate the environmental actions your business has undertaken thus giving you a unique marketing opportunity.  Our brand is intended to represent more than a carbon offset but rather an ‘environmental credit’ because the projects we support preserve living ecosystems, life forms, habitat and communities.

Who we are;

With combined backgrounds in the arts, music, entertainment and environmental sectors, our savvy team provides a creative edge in determining the best way for your business to embark on a sustainability journey and tell your story.