Discovery Project…

‘If you have come to help me, you are wasting your time; but if you are here because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together’. Lilla Watson


Indigenous and tribal communities from all over the world have been affected by globalisation. We feel it is imperative that there are sustainable projects in place for the survival of such groups and to ensure future generations are able to retain their traditions and ancestral knowledge.

We feel it is equally important that society in general has a greater understanding of the culture and way of life of such groups, relating to community and their relationship to nature. What we learn, we hope assists in creating positive cooperation and trusted relationships working towards a better future for all.

Each year, we will launch a discovery project working with different indigenous communities around the world, starting with Australia in 2016 and South America in 2017.

What is a Discovery Project?

We visit communities to listen and learn. This comes in two parts:

Support & Community Assistance;

  • To listen to the issues they are facing
  • Working together to develop sustainable projects
  • Ensuring the communities retain control of funds invested

Arts & Culture;

  • Where permitted; to learn about culture, traditions and art techniques
  • Documentation of art & music through photography and live recordings.
  • Cultural knowledge sharing between different indigenous groups.


We hope to have a positive impact both on a community level and internationally via content sharing, which helps inspire and promote a deeper understanding of indigenous communities around the world.