Benin Glasses CoversIn partnership with: Kind in Benin


  • Various designs.


These covers were made in a sewing workshop in Savalou, Benin, an initiative by local tailor Gratien Gbaguidi and supported by our friends from the foundation ‘Child in Benin’. The purpose of the workshop is to give children deprived of opportunities to an education to learn the trade of being a tailor. In Benin, it is customary for workshop owners to demand huge amounts of money from pupils who are willing to learn the profession. Consequently, the pupils will work for three years for the workshop owners to get a degree, but without any financial compensation, and paying a lot for the certificate.

Offering a free tailoring education for under privileged youngsters around the village of Savalou, gives these children the opportunity to both learn the skills and gives them the necessary materials and tools to set up their own business after they receive their certificate. The materials used by Gratien Gbaguidi workshop are made up from scraps, donated towards the organisation and make up for a very unique and colourful product line. In the meantime, the selling of their products ensures that the sewing workshop can maintain its mission and vision.

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In partnership with: Kind in

Foundation “Kind in Benin” supports local projects in Benin on the condition that the projects are started and executed by the local population, based on their own initiative and needs.