Coffee for BiodiversityIn partnership with: Jaguar Siembra




The indigenous forest coffee grows wild in the mountains of the Sierra, it is beyond organic, and more than fair trade, making a pact with nature nurturing with cultural and spiritual rituals. They make payments through offers to the Earth, working with nature following the natural cycles of the moon, and every part of biodiversity, as the Iku community says: “Special agriculture conceived to respect nature and our organism, it is the greenest way we can be: living and working according to the life cycles of nature and the Law of Origin.” – Amas la Sierra. Supporting ancestral agriculture and giving back trees for a healthy soil, increasing and maintaining a balance with biodiversity, sowing food forests systems for the families, and creating an economic fund relief for urgent matters with every tree planted.

SCORE: 85 points
Hundreds of Arhuaco families united in one cooperative.
Producer: Asoarhuacos

*The wide definition of speciality coffee is coffee scoring 80 points or above on the 100-point Coffee Review scale. Coffee scoring from:

90-100 is Outstanding

85-89.99 is Excellent

80-84.99 is Very Good

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Weight 500 kg

In partnership with: Jaguar Siembra