Matsés Friendship BraceletsIn partnership with: Xapiri


Friendship bracelets, known as Uitsun, are specific to the Matsés tribe. Handmade and 100% cotton.



Friendship bracelets, known as Uitsun, are specific to the Matsés tribe. Taking over a day to construct, they are weaved from natural home spun tree cotton or chambira palm fibre on a rustic loom. They are comfortable, durable, unisex and are adjustable in size, making the bracelets suitable for all situations, be it in the jungle or the city.

In Matsés culture, these woven ornaments are tied on the wrist or ankle. A sister puts on her little brothers ankle ornament by slipping the knotted ends through little loops. As she grows, a girl will weave for her brother, her husband and then for her children, just as the boy will grow to ask for ornaments from his mother, his sister, and eventually his wife. Although these bracelets are still worn as accoutrements of daily wear, the knowledge of their craft is not being passed down and learned by the younger Matsés women and this is why the initiative was created to provide Matsés women the opportunity to earn income on their own while preserving their inherited traditions.

Please note: All bracelets are one of a kind and may differ slightly to photo. this is the beauty of such items. They are approximately 4cm (1.6″) in width. The bracelets adjustable strap allows a one size fits all, just pull how ever tight you wish!

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