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The Secret Sarayaku book is a subjective photographic reinterpretation of the ancestral Kichwa knowledge of the Kawsak Sacha or Living Forest. This worldview affirms that all the elements in the rainforest are alive, have a spirit and are interconnected. For this community, the conservation of their home is paramount to human survival.

The book appeals to a circular narrative which is focused on the one hand, on the relation between the community and the Sacha Runakuna or Supreme Protectors of the rainforest. These are mythological beings that cannot be seen with bare eyes (or bare cameras, for that matter) but can be accessed only through the spiritual connections of indigenous yachackuna or wisemen. On the other hand, this book visually researches the relationship between the community and the outside world through technology such as the Internet and social media.

This book is a physical object that will endure in time as an emotional witness to the Kichwa philosophy. It was published by Editorial RM (Barcelona and Mexico City) in May, 2020.

Technical data:

108 pages
19 x 25,4 cm (7.5 x 10 inch)
Trilingual edition in Kichwa, Spanish and English
ISBN: 978-84-17975-33-3

In partnership with: Misha Vallejowww.mishavallejo.com/

Misha Vallejo is a photographer whose work lies between documentary and art photography. In 2014 he completed his MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and in 2010 he finished the St. Petersburg Faculty of Photojournalism in Russia. He works as a freelance photographer and videographer since 2010. His editorial and personal work has been published in many magazines, such as a feature about his Secret Sarayaku project in the New York Times Magazine. In 2018 he won the Prince Claus Fund for Cultural and Artistic Response for Environmental Change (Netherlands).