Michael Stuart Ani Ghost Dance

Lakota, U.S

The Lakota’s own version of the Ghost Dance had a profound impact on history. The US government outlawed the Ghost Dance in 1890 among the Lakota, which led to the assassination of Sitting Bull and the massacre at Wounded Knee.

Leonard Crow Dog, whose family brought the Ghost Dance to the Lakota with Kicking Bear was arrested for Ghost Dancing at the second Wounded Knee incident in 1973. Sent to prison for four years Crow Dog was released in 1978 when the  World Council of Churches demanded his release and successfully fought for the Native American’s rights to practice their religion which were taken away in 1890 (in a country based on religious freedom).

The project will incorporate images and film from the 70’s up until present day,  through these mediums “Tracing the Steps of the Ghost Dance” project, will inspire and motivate audiences to shift their perspective around how they relate to the earth. The desired outcome is to break through the veil of illusion cast by the dominant paradigm and introduce a new model of consciousness to the public via the Ghost Dance ritual.

In 2019, Americas Project Director Michael Stuart Ani will travel to Rosebud to start the conversation.

Main image – Is a sunrise ceremony for the repatriation of extremely rare genetically pure American Bison.