Sinchi Indigenous Artist Awards

Entry opens October 1st 2019

Sinchi’s Indigenous Artist Award offers a platform for indigenous storytellers from all over the world to be recognised for their talent and connection to their native culture, from tradition to modern interpretation and anything in between. The purpose of this competition is to stand in solidarity with indigenous cultural transmission and sharing stories for change.

After our 2017 and 2018 photo competitions, this is the first time the annual Sinchi competition includes all forms of art and cultural expressions, from music, to video and photography, to visual arts and literature. We invite you to send us your most creative works of art along with accompanying captions. Our jury members will pay close attention to connection to culture and heritage and clarity of expression.


How to apply

Applicants can be nominated, either by themselves or someone else. Entry is free and the competition remains open for at least 3 months.

As part of our mandate, we are committed to offering a platform for indigenous people to share their own stories through their own voice, non-indigenous artists are therefor kindly requested not to enter.

Awards & Prizes

  • Winner
  • The overall competition winner will receive a grant of €2.000.00 through our Sinchi Fund for indigenous storytellers to document a native culture of choice.
  • Commended
  • Ten commended entries will be featured and promoted as part of an international media campaign about indigenous storytellers.

“Music and art can explain things in a different way than words can, people will be more open to get the message through music and art.”

– Sandra Márjá West (2019 competition judge)