Sinchi Fund Terms & Conditions


The Funding Process

This page explains what and who we fund; the process for applying for funding from Sinchi and the next steps if your application is successful.

Conditions of your application

Sinchi seeks to fund strong projects from indigenous storytellers, people who are looking to document their cultural heritage, or to disseminate knowledge about their indigenous cultural heritage. This can be done through photography, film or other visual media. Grant seekers must be from an indigenous community themselves or have their application co-signed by a senior member of the concerned community. Projects must have the community and the preservation of their distinct cultural heritage at its core (as passed on by their ancestors for many generations).

What we fund

  • Community activities eg. workshops and events that are meant to preserve indigenous cultural heritage
  • Equipment for visual documentation eg. camera equipment, hard drives, laptops , recording devices etc
  • Travel and Project related expenses
  • Translation services
  • Post Production for Film and Music

What we don’t fund

  • Production of artefacts. Artefacts produced in the course of a project can be added to our webshop, but we don’t fund this directly
  • Exhibitions. We support artists in the dissemination of work produced in the course of Sinchi projects, but we don’t directly fund exhibitions eg. paying for gallery space
  • Establishing trade opportunities
  • Scientific Research

The application process

To apply for funding, please send an email to with a short description of your project. Please include the following details:

  • The project’s main activities
  • Where the project will take place
  • How long the project is expected to last
  • Who will be involved
  • A statement of the impact the project is expected to have
  • A cost breakdown for the project, in the local currency

You can contact us at if you have questions, or if you would like help submitting an application.

When we have made a decision on whether we are interested in funding your project, we will contact you by email. We may ask for further information or details about the project before making a decision.

If your project is selected for funding

Sinchi supports grantees for the duration of the project. After the funding agreement has been signed we will be in touch on a regular basis. You can contact us for help and advice, and you will also be expected to provide progress updates. All grantees need to submit an evaluation at the end of the project, this helps Sinchi to improve processes and ensure the success of future projects like yours.