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Our current focus is on the Tapajos region of Brazil, which is at a critical turning point, due to the environmental and social impacts of extractive industries,  monoculture and a government that looks the other way. We are collaborating with the Conselho Indigena Tapajos y Arapiuns (CITA) who represent the 13 indigenous groups in the region to support them in sharing their stories and to help them achieve their key objectives of protecting their ancestral lands and cultures. It is important we stand united alongside the people of the Tapajos, not just for the future of these communities but for humanity itself.

* 100% of all public donations go directly to the Tapajos Fund, ensuring your contribution makes a real difference. In exchange, you can also receive unique gifts from our reward programme.

Just like the Indigenous communities we work with, we believe that exchange of resources should be mutually beneficial. As such we offer a variety of unique products to our supporters in exchange for your ongoing support. This reward system is based on the total amount you have donated and is accumulative, so it doesn’t matter whether it comes from a one off donation or recurring monthly membership. Furthermore, the system rewards your ongoing contribution, so you are eligible to claim every reward, as you pass each funding milestone.

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