Sinchi’s photography competition provided a unique opportunity for visual story tellers around the world to be recognised for their talent and commitment to cultural diversity.

The brief of the 2017 competition was to show the strength and beauty of indigenous culture through visual storytelling. This could be inspired by many things from activism, relationship to nature, spirituality, community, everyday life to art, music and cultural practice. Participants were invited to submit up to 6 photos with accompanying captions and we welcomed submissions from both remote and urban indigenous community environments.

“The challenge is for all of us to care enough about what lies outside our own world.”

Competition Judges

  • Project Director Wayne Quilliam

    Project Director Wayne Quilliam

  • Laura Beltrán

    Laura Beltrán

  • Network Member & Friend Jimmy Nelson

    Network Member & Friend Jimmy Nelson

Competition Winners

  • 2017 Winner Josue Rivas

    2017 Winner Josue Rivas

  • 2nd Place Delphine Blast

    2nd Place Delphine Blast

  • 3rd Place Chris Hopkins

    3rd Place Chris Hopkins

  • 4th Place Manuel Seoane

    4th Place Manuel Seoane

  • Artistic Merit  Somenath Mukhopadhyay

    Artistic Merit Somenath Mukhopadhyay