Slide Meet THE BOARD

Sinchi has operated as UK registered non-profit since 2016 and in March 2020 was formally registered as a Stichting (Charity) in the Netherlands with an ANBI quality certification. Our board members do not receive remuneration and annual reports of our finances will be published on this website after our inaugural year of activities within the Netherlands and the years to come. 

KvK number: 77846974
RSIN: 861168446

If you have any questions to our board,
please contact our communications manager

Slide INGE VAN SCHOONEVELD COMMUNICATION MANAGER Slide INGE VAN SCHOONEVELD COMMUNICATION MANAGER Inge is our 'manusje van alles', as she would say in her local tongue. She is our all-round connector and does most of the production and communication for events and Sinchi projects; she also does the research for and writes our News items about various indigenous matters. Inge has a strong passion for climate justice, which refers to the inherent relationship between (un)equal opportunities for living beings on the planet and the impact on the current state of affairs from a climate and biodiversity perspective. To her, the answer lies within an ongoing conversation towards balance, and strong determination. This is where Sinchi comes in.