There is healing and self-determination in telling your own story and being heard. With our creative projects, Sinchi aims to create space and audiences for Indigenous storytellers and creators, for Indigenous viewpoints to be seen and heard, and for the general public to be inspired to understand the alternatives that society has to the current hierarchal and exploitative systems. Our projects are led by or in close collaboration with Indigenous storytellers and creators.

Video Installation at Museum de Lakenhal
Come Back to the Circle

Photo: Taco van der Eb

We want faster, bigger, and more. Is that always better, or do the problems also grow unnoticed? From minor stress about too little storage space on your phone to global pollution… If things grow wrong, growing pains arise in all shapes and sizes. This growth addiction is the reason for the exhibition If Things Grow Wrong by Museum de Lakenhal in Leiden, the Netherlands. This exhibition was on view until March 20, 2022.

Stichting Sinchi participated in the open call ‘If Things Grow Wrong…’ by Museum de Lakenhal with a video installation called ‘… Come Back To The Circle’

In Eurocentric or capitalism-based societies, we keep longing for more. This need is not new: over the past hundreds of years, European countries have colonized areas worldwide. Where they claimed to bring civilization, they brought destruction.

Even today, entities within a capitalistic structure continue to feel the need to expand their territory. Indigenous peoples continue to be driven off their land so that large corporations can operate. This means that more than just human lives are lost. The six thousand different Indigenous cultures that currently live on our earth, together make up only five percent of the total world population, but together they are safeguarding eighty percent of the biodiversity. According to the United Nations, the knowledge of these Indigenous peoples is essential for human survival. Indigenous perspectives offer an alternative to the need for more, bigger and better, and the destruction that comes with it.

Humans are not above or outside nature, but are part of it, as the native perspectives in NATV’s Come Back to the Circle show. Not competition, but connection brings progress. In this video installation, we are invited to return to the circle of which we are all part.

Sinchi Radio on Echobox Broadcasting

Antenna anarchy from below sea level. Independent radio broadcasting from Amsterdam. Echobox Radio is the home of unique and groundbreaking radio and has therefore received the prestigious Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst 2022.

We proudly present our show Sinchi Radio (before NATV Radio) on Echobox Radio, held every two months. Decolonize // Indigenize. In this show, we invite you to take a look at the world through the perspectives of Indigenous artists, activists, cultural practitioners, and knowledge holders from around the planet.

We will be connecting life and society here with what is going on elsewhere in the world, especially in regard to Indigenous Peoples and their lands. We will decolonize the historical narratives in which society is based and through that lens look at today’s problems and current affairs, and make connections between people, places, and knowledge that will propel positive change. Come regenerate with us!

Expect topics varying from cultural perspectives on gold and the impact of gold mining, deconstructing the gender binary through recognition of Indigenous gender identities to a deep-dive into animism from Indigenous lenses, and much more.

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