An Active and Optimistic Refusal to comply with a system that exploits nature.

Treesistance is a movement and an impact blueprint centered on the protection of the Amazon and other forests around the world. Working at the intersection where Indigenous knowledge and science meet.  We create disruptive models that have a tangible impact. Our mission is to revolutionize how the world looks at forest crime prevention and handles environmental preservation.

To effectively combat the climate crisis and deforestation, we need big picture thinking! Our impact blueprint and 4 pillars are;

  • Access to Justice – Indigenous Forest Forces using GPS technology to protect the rainforest. Our flagship and central component towards Forest Crime Prevention.
  • Digital Equity –  Internet & Communications are essential for health, education and forest crime prevention.
  • Renewable Energy Transition – Stopping the reliance on fossil fuels, cycle of poverty and exploitation.
  • Sustainable Economic Development – Ensuring the Forest is worth more standing than cut down.