Our objective is to raise awareness and generate support funds for indigenous communities around the world. We provide a platform for our audience to learn about their role in protecting the environment, the importance of cultural diversity and how much we can learn from the incredible wealth of ancestral knowledge which exists.

We are at a critical turning point and we need your help in supporting Sinchi and our objectives. If you would like to get involved or understand how you can help please contact

In addition, if you are able to contribute financially, we would welcome your support. Please note 100% of public donations are invested into our community projects and fund, which has a direct impact.

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Sinchi CSR Programme

Are you a business who would like to support our projects and help indigenous people around the world. If so, please consider joining our corporate /social responsibility (CSR) programme.

We are looking for partners who are willing to support Sinchi in a variety of ways. For example;

  • Donate products or services
  • Donate a percentage of profits on specific items (Or join our ‘One billable hour’ program)
  • Promotional Activities (sharing content and materials)
  • Venues for events and fund raising
  • Become part of our global network, connecting resources with indigenous communities

Participating businesses will be featured on the Sinchi website and promoted via our various channels as a supporter. Furthermore, they will also have opportunity or purchase authentic indigenous art coming directly from the communities we cooperate with.