Sinchi announces the appointment of Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge




Sinchi announces the appointment of Dr. Tim Boekhout van Solinge as Head of Forest Crime Prevention

Amsterdam, 31st January 2022. Sinchi Foundation announces the merger with Forest Forces Foundation, which results in their founder being appointed as Sinchi’s Head of Forest Crime Prevention.

Tim Boekhout van Solinge’s role will be to lead ‘on the ground’ actions and activities relating to. coordinating access to justice strategies with Indigenous leaders and law enforcement. In addition, the Forest Forces support team will be integrated into Sinchi.

‘We’re delighted to welcome Tim and Forest Forces to Sinchi. Having worked with Tim for over 2 years and operating in the same region of the Amazon, this feels like a natural step to bring our networks and resources together, so we make even more collective impact. We feel very excited about the future and already have significant expansion plans for 2023, including the creation of 6 new Forest Forces teams in the Tapajos and a number of other supporting initiatives’.

Tom Wheeler,Executive Director, Sinchi

Tim Boekhout van Solinge MA PhD, is an independent criminologist and (UN) consultant, specialised in forest and wildlife crime, organized crime, and GPS-supported, community-based forest crime prevention. He is a research fellow with the Department of Criminology of Erasmus University Rotterdam and/as well as research fellow at UFOPA, the Federal University of West Para in Santarem, Para state, Brazil.

The objective of his organization Forest Forces Foundation has been to protect nature, the tropical rainforests, its indigenous inhabitants and other traditional or tribal communities living in it. A main goal has been incorporating scientific concepts and best practices of criminology, crime science, and criminal justice studies in order to combat and especially prevent forest and wildlife crime, based on the criminological concept of situational crime prevention. 

‘It is great that our two foundations are joining forces by this merger. Sinchi Foundation and Forest Forces Foundation have been working together for some time in the same area of the Amazon, so this merger means that we can be more efficient and effective. For me personally it means that I can focus more on the content of applying criminology and crime science together with the Indigenous forest guardians. The more organisational back office work is in much better hands with Sinchi Foundation, which has more experience and knowledge about how to run an organisation’.

Tim Boekhour van Solinge

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