Semuel Sahureka Nusa AlifURU

Semuel Sahureka is one of the founders and spokesperson of the Saka Mese Nusa AllifURU foundation. He is since 1987 specialised in the history, cultural heritage, traditional adat system and the natural environment of the indigenous AllifURU people in Maluku. On several occasions during his trips in Maluku, the AllifURU Tribal Chiefs ordained him to this special position.

The AllifURU people are the original inhabitants of the island group Maluku (in what is now Indonesia). The AllifURU are culturally, historically and linguistically very distinct from the rest of Indonesia, they are more related to the peoples of the Pacific and Melanesia. In the history Maluku was well known as the famous spice islands. It were the Dutch who conquered Maluku and controlled the spice trade. Maluku was for almost 350 years colonised by the Dutch. On 25 April 1950 they proclaimed the Republic of the South Moluccas as a free and independent state. In the same year the early September the Indonesian army under the leadership of Sukarno invaded Maluku and occupied their country until this day. It is because of the proclamation of the R.M.S. the Dutch Government brought 3500 Ambonese KNIL soldiers-Dutch colonial army- with their women and children under military order to the Netherlands in 1950. The Amonese soldiers were transported to the Netherlands also under false promises that they will return home, to a free and independent Republic of het South Moluccas after a six months staying in the Netherlands. Unfortunately until now they still live in exile in the Netherlands. Denied and almost forgotten by the Dutch Government. 
But the AllifURU people are still determined to struggle for their identity, culture and a free and independent Republik Maluku Selatan. So the AllifURU people are now in an ongoing journey to establish their identity, preserve their cultural traditions and struggle for a free and independent Republic of the South Moluccas.
Saka Mese Nusa AllifURU foundation serves as a platform to create awareness about the AllifURU history, struggle and their connections with the natural environment.