3rd Place Chris Hopkins

‘The Mentawai of Indonesia are one of the world’s last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes, however, globalisation and deforestation is threatening to destroy their peaceful and subsistent way of life. Their culture and knowledge of the surrounding natural ecosystems is now on the verge of disappearing forever.”

For more information on how to assist in the cultural education program to save the Mentawai please visit www.iefprograms.org/wafsac ‘

Chris Hopkins won 3rd place in the 2017 Sinchi Indigenous Photo Competition. He is a freelance documentary photojournalist based in Melbourne, Australia.

Born and raised in rural Victoria, Australia, he travelled extensively internationally for six years before embarking on a photographic career. After graduating from college in 2010, Chris’ creative and intuitive eye for a story saw him hired by one of Australia’s largest daily newspapers; The Age. His work has since been featured in publications such as The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, The Guardian, The Global Mail, AFR Magazine and for UNHCR.

Chris’ freelance work has a footing in humanitarian story telling and within this broad brushstroke, explores themes such as race, culture and mental health. As a photojournalist Chris believes he is in a privileged position to give voice to those that would otherwise be silent and ‘to show the extraordinary in the ordinary’. His work from Australia and around the globe aims to bring human rights issues to the forefront of public awareness with the intent to change governmental policy.

Over the past 5 years Chris has covered important humanitarian issues, both worldwide and within Australia, including cultural marginalisation in Indonesia, refugee assimilation, the mental health of war survivors in Uganda and the dramatic rise of homelessness in Australia.

His work in Uganda was recognised as a finalist in the 2015 United Nations Media Awards (Australia), and his work with second generation Agent Orange victims in Vietnam was the winner of the Walkley slideshow prize in 2012; two of several honours and commendations his work has earned from the Walkley Foundation for Journalism, Melbourne Press Club and the Pacific Asia Newspaper Awards, amongst others.

The demands of being a visual storyteller in todays evolving media landscape means Chris has adapted to the modern day role of a photojournalist and he incorporates video, multimedia and features writing into many of his projects.

Chris is currently a stringer with Getty Images and Fairfax Media.