Altered States Sinchi Launch Kick-off Event

Sinchi – Altered States

Sinchi – Altered States is a fully immersive event where modern and tribal culture connect. Since the birth of humanity; man has had an unquenchable thirst to express and connect to something deeper by going beyond the ego. From ancient ceremonies led by elders and shamans to modern day electronic music and festival culture.

Join the Sinchi tribe & celebrate this unique experience with us….

Day Programme (13:00-23:00)

Entrance: Free / Donations Welcome
Children Welcome

The day program is open to all ages and free entry. It will focus on our experiences from Sinchi’s 2016 Discovery Project in Aboriginal Australia. This will be supported by various activities showing the beauty of indigenous music, art, culture and why it is so important for us to listen and preserve such knowledge.

Celebrating a new bridge between the indigenous and modern world… ‘Because our liberation is bound together’

Inside – Dreamtime

12pm Doors Open to the Aboriginal Art / Photo Gallery

14:00-15:00 – Children’s Didgeridoo Art workshop with Lies Beijerink & Lotte van de Hoef
Live didgeridoo performance, storytelling, make your own didgeradoo, jam session , aboriginal symbols and art

15.15-15.30 Introduction to Sinchi with founder Tom Wheeler
Why was Sinchi created? The importance of music and art in transferring knowledge. How do we empower and enable communities to retain their culture in the modern world.

15.30-15.40 – Talk ‘‘The Lost village: Bringing the tribe back’ with Noa Brume
Have we totally lost the support we used to have through our communities and tribes? Is life in modern society destroying our support system? But it’s not all gone: we have the ability to bring it back. Former TEDx speaker and counsellor and life coach Noa Brume will share with us a great way to keep the tribe’s spirit alive through the reciprocal ‘rope of hope’ approach.

16-17 – Children’s Didgeridoo Art workshop with Lies Beijerink & Lotte van de Hoef
Live didgeridoo performance, storytelling, make your own didgeridoo, jam session , aboriginal symbols and art

17.30 – 18 – Talk Transformational festivals -Tribal aspects of modern celebration with Isis van der Wel
Since the sixties modern festival culture is rising. When electronic dance music hit the USA and Europe in the late ’80’s the beat of the hypnotic drum has returned in Western ‘civilisation’. Ever since transformational festival culture has been expanding throughout the planet leaving a trace of global consciousness, sustainability and a growing awareness of both local and exotic indiginous culture.

18-18.15 – Medicinal & Ritual Plants by drs. Wouter Bijdendijk owner of greenman powerplants

18.15-18.20 -– An short introduction to Cacao with Laura Shanale Waya (Including information about the cacao ceremony which will be held outside at 8.30pm)

18.20 – Closing ceremony with BeatuniQue and friends

20:00-23:00 – Music curated by Nightnoise with Pin Up Club and 2CV

Outdoor – Corroboree

14:00-15.30 – Inphiknight
15.30-17:00 – Forest of Heroes
17:00- 18.30 – DJ Esta Polyesta
18.30-20:00 – Kraut aka Daniel Zuur
20.30 – 21.45 Cacao Ceremony with Chocolate Club and Pangaia

Night Programme (23:00- 05:00)

During the night there are no locker but there is a cloakroom.
Ticket sales open until 3.00 am

Early Bird – 13 euros – SOLD OUT
First Release- 17 euros – CLOSES ON THE 23RD 23.50
Second Release – 20 euros

From 23:00 onwards, Pllek will be divided into 2 rooms;
yin and yang, contrasting forces but deeply interconnected and in balance with one another, with an art installation between the two worlds.

Room 1: Hosted by Sinchi Tribe members; BeatuniQue (Oase), Home in the Woods, Vreemde Vogels and its parade of dj’s, musicians, performers, vj’s and other kindred spirits. A modern day ceremony focused on the collective experience. This organic space will take you on a journey of discovery through different times and places. An evening full of surprises led by world renowned artists and performers, playing together in a cosmic flow without boundaries.

Line Up

23-23.30 – Opening Ceremonial Jam Session with BeatuniQue (NL) and friends.
23.30-1 – Isis van der Wel (NL)
1-2 – Jugurtha (FR)
2-3.30 – Bonjour Ben (DE)
3.30-5am – Uschi&Hans (DE)

Supported by;
Lies Beijerinck on Didgeridoo
Nick Bastiaansen on Didgeridoo
Gábor Hartyáni on Cello
Orient Nightingale dance – performance
+ Many others

ROOM 2: Hosted by Sinchi Tribe members and French / Dutch label: Night Noise. Whether it be dancing to the beat of a shamanic drum or to the beats of a dj in a darkened warehouse: our desire to deeply connect remains the same. The second room will be stripped down, with little distraction, enabling you to go deeper into yourself via hypnotic down tempo beats, dark disco to driving techno.


23-1 FLVN (FR)
1-3 Gemini Brothers (RO)
3-5am SHMLSS (NL)


Your ticket / attendance will make a direction contribution to the communities we are working with.

Support & join the Sinchi Tribe by purchasing a ticket via;

To find out more about Sinchi, please check out the web and Facebook page:

Members of the Sinchi Tribe making this happen:

  • pllek
  • Jimmy Nelson
  • BeatuniQue (Oase)
  • Night Noise
  • Vreemde Vogels
  • Home in the woods
  • Chocolate Club
  • All is One
  • Green Matters
  • Vitamine Blij
  • Orient Nightingale

Artwork credits:

  • Graphic design by Estanislao Allende Galluccio
  • Make-up by Sarah Mead