Alianza Arkana

Through establishing grassroots alliances with indigenous and international organizations, strengthening stewardship of vital ecosystems, honoring ancestral wisdom in the creation and application of sustainable development practices, preserving cultural identity and traditions through true intercultural education, and standing in solidarity with our allies for environmental and social justice, we will ensure a clean, just, and sustainable future for the Amazon.


The preservation of the Amazon is of critical importance to life across our planet. Our vision is to ensure that the protection and development of the Peruvian Amazon and the well-being of its people are guided by community-based models of sustainability bridged with ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Rather than being separate from nature, we recognize our place in the interconnected web of life. We understand that when we despoil the Earth and its atmosphere, we directly do harm to ourselves.

We believe a new era approaches where we live co-creatively and recognize the sacredness of Mother Earth. By sustaining and celebrating life in all its diversity and working together with respect, compassion, and unity, we foster the creation of a fair, thriving and healthy environment for current and future generations.