Decade of Action

Decade of Action


With Decade of Action, our aim is…. 

…to flip our system 180 degrees: the end goal is to get to an economic system that is in balance with our planet’s resources; that works with nature, in stead of killing it. That chooses life in stead of death. Our deadline is 10 years.

 This obviously is a huge challenge and there are no set answers yet. Many paradigms, beliefs, political standpoints, etc. will have to be overcome. Well start by exploring possible answers and solutions from a blank canvas. After establishing those we can focus on executing campaigns around the essential pivot points


We need a new system if we want to motivate people to leave the old one.

 To find new ways and perspectives we will combine science with indigenous wisdom, social entrepreneurs, youngsters and creatives by starting collaborations between these groups/ experts. This combination and diversity of disciplines, age groups and the transformative power of high impact and compelling creative storytelling is unique.


With a core group we will research and explore solutions. Well identify the three most effective turning points for system change. 

We endorse and collaborate with creative culture and arts to tell the stories, build new myths and metaphors, visualize them and translate them in inspiring campaigns in order to inspire new paradigms.

Well set up publicity campaigns in earned and paid media, lobby, petitions, demonstrations, mobilize citizens and put pressure on companies and our governments.


Our mission is to make ourselves redundant within 10 years. Within that time frame we will have to get to the desired and needed systems change; a change in values, norms, policy and behavior. 10 years of campaigning and mobilizing; connecting people, touching their hearts, changing, uniting. 10 years of coming together in unity and a balanced life with our planet.



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Buckminster Fuller