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First Peoples Worldwide

First Peoples Worldwide works from a foundation of Indigenous values to achieve a sustainable future for all.

Our work empowers by building awareness and education for both Indigenous Peoples and industry groups, engages by convening consensus-driven dialogue between stakeholders, and transforms through activities that align business behavior with the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Using corporate engagement strategies, we provide tools and resources for investors, companies and financial institutions to increase understanding about the ways to include Indigenous Peoples in project design in accordance with the principle of free, prior and informed consent as enumerated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Simultaneously, we facilitate participation by Indigenous Peoples in high-level dialogue regarding investments that impact their lands, territories and resources.

First Peoples addresses the unique social and environmental impacts of development in Indigenous communities, while preparing current and future leaders to meet the pressing social responsibility challenges facing today’s businesses. Through capacity-building sessions between institutions and Indigenous representatives, industry conference presentations, community advocacy, and major research projects, our work increases accountability, furthers human rights-based engagement, and helps to protect the planet for all.

First Peoples Worldwide is a partnership between Faculty at the University of Colorado Law School and the Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility at Leeds School of Business and is housed within the Center for Native American and Indigenous Studies.