Colombian Wiwa indigenous

Jaguar Siembra

“The law of nature is a simple law. It’s to maintain a wealth of both the spiritual balance as the material one.”

This project stems from the spiritual belief that we can bridge the material world with our natural environment. We believe that we can contribute to create peace on earth by living in harmony with nature; Conserving the environment, mitigating climate change and preserving the ancestral wisdom of native peoples and our sacred land.

Adopt a native tree, be a part of our forest!

The Heart of the World

This project is called the #HeartOfTheWorld because we believe the health of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia and it’s complex ecosystems balance the health of the entire Earth.

According to the ancient belief, the territorial order is defined by what is called the Black Line, a ring of interconnected sacred sites. The Black Line surrounds the entire territory of the Sierra, weaving, connecting, wrapping and securing the standards for human life on earth and maintaining the balance and harmony on earth. From the base where the rivers meet the sea, the savannahs, valleys, hills, ridges of mountains, gorges, springs, ponds, up into the snowy peaks and the Gonawindúa mountain, to each one and the infinite universe. It is through these connections that the life of the Sierra and the world remains. Each sacred site has an environmental function, containing the rules for human life on earth and maintaining balance and harmony with nature.

“Along this stretch of coastline, you have a microcosm for whats is happening in the Caribbean and also on the rest of the planet; all these sites are connected and the activities of destruction here are having an impact at large scale in the world are right”.

– Alex Rogers, world leader in marine biology.

The Sierra Nevada is a natural pyramid of snow, a mountain by the sea, over 5.600 meters high and millions of years old, the largest coastal mountain in the world. The sierra has all the thermal floors represented, from tropical to perpetual snow. It’s a network of ecosystems that balance the natural ecosystem of the world. The home of countless life forms.

It’s a sacred site that protects four indigenous communities responsible for holding the spiritual balance of Mother Earth. Their sacred task is teaching divine laws to maintain harmony with nature. They are the guardians of the earth, our older siblings, the ones preserving the ancestral knowledge that is of high importance for humanity as a whole.