Let’s Explore Magazine

Making a difference with storytelling, this is what Let’s Explore Magazine is all about.  Each issue is filled with more than 20 inspiring stories by contributors from all over the world. These stories are all revolving around one particular theme, curated in a photography heavy, gorgeously designed, high quality, collectable beauty. Their next 2021 summer edition will be about Empowerment, and you can be a part of this. So in case you have a story that cannot wait to be shared, get in touch with Kilian from Let’s Explore. Before you know it, your story might be out in the world acting as a force of change. 

Let’s Explore Journal

The Magazine covers many different stories in their editions. Let’s Explore Journal on the other hand is dedicated to one, single story. The storytellers are given 48 pages as a blank canvas for them to fill, allowing for a deep dive into the story. This is also a viable option for those organisations and individuals with limited financial resources, as the first 25 editions are completely free! Let’s Explore prefers quality over quantity, so they accept submissions at any time throughout the year. 

Online Platform

“Collaborating with storytellers from across the globe, to create and publish stories online and in print; about inspiring people, projects, places, brands & ideas.”

Collaboration is key, and Let’s Explore wishes to bridge the gap between those people with meaningful stories and those who can take them off the ground. Currently the magazine is working on making this a reality by the creation of an online platform. The aim is to build bridges between photographers, writers and other creative spirits, as well as NGOs, activists, local initiatives and individuals with a story to tell. Stay tuned for the newest developments on their social media.