Phillipines Cordillera Indigenous

Mabikas Foundation

MABIKAs Foundation aims to preserve our Cordillera indigenous knowledge and empower its people to become positive agents of social change.

Founded in 2016, MABIKAs Foundation envisions a world without prejudice against indigenous people. To help make that vision a reality, it is our mission to preserve our indigenous knowledge by educating ourselves and strengthening our own knowledge of our own cultural heritage and indigenous identity. With acquired knowledge, skills and right attitude, we can attain that stability, depth and wisdom that we need to be able to preserve and transmit indigenous knowledge that are accurate, reliable and factual from present generation to the next. By understanding our roots and who we are, we become more empowered and motivated to bring out the best in us and further bring significant contributions not only to our local community but most importantly to the society in general.

The name stands for the six provinces constituting the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) in the Philippines: Mountain Province, Abra, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and Apayao. The lower case ‘s’ stands or many of us indigenous people coming from these provinces.


> Learning & Transmission: to increase our knowledge of our own cultural heritage, continue the practice of indigenous activities, and transmit knowledge from present generation to the next

> Connection & Promotion: To connect to culture and reach out to the rest of the Cordilleran indigenous people in the Netherlands and beyond (i.e. the rest of the Philippine communities and global societies) and raise awareness of the Philippine Cordillera culture and identity

> Solidarity and Support. To build and strengthen solidarity among the migrant Cordilleran indigenous people in the Netherlands through personal and professional development trainings

> Knowledgebase of Truth. To become a source of factual, accurate and reliable information about our indigenous identity and culture.

> Giving back. To build significant assets as our contribution to the society in terms of cultural preservation, community participation, personal growth and development as well as job creation, among many others.