Father and Daughter

Native Hope

Native Hope is a nonprofit organization that exists to empower a young generation of Native Americans through programs that provide education, protect at-risk youth, and honor cultural heritage.

Our Values:

  • We respect culture by offering support to mend issues on reservations and preserving the traditions of each tribe.
  • We take bold action to inspire success when addressing the difficulties Native American communities and individuals face.
  • We honor families by promoting a healthy lifestyle and a holistic healing for tiyospayes…for extended families.
  • We serve Native American peoples with a joyful spirit. We seek to act honorably and sensitively so a sense of wholeness is provided.
  • We will keep promises made to the Native American people and communities we serve.

Our 100% promise:

A full 100% of public donations we receive from people like you goes directly to specific programs, including those managed by our partner organizations. That’s right—every penny. If you give $100, then a full $100 goes toward vital programs that are making an impact.

We are able to do this because of the generous support of a founding partner who has committed to underwrite the overhead expenses of the organization—everything from salaries to computers to office supplies. This partner has strategically chosen to direct their funds in this way because they recognize the power of the 100% model—to give people the confidence that their donation will have a direct benefit on the lives of Native American youth.

Our projects are based on:

  • Providing education
  • Protecting at risk youth
  • Honoring culture & heritage

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