Small Island, Big Song

Small Island, Big Song is a musical adventure recording with Indigenous musicians across Indian and Pacific oceans. Covering over half our Earths surface the Indian and Pacific Oceans share an enduring ancient story. A heritage bound by courage, culture and song, spread by the ocean currents and trade winds over 5,000 years. With continuing traditions these cultures inhabit, some of our Worlds most beautiful but sadly threatened and disappearing environments..

Small Island, Big Song will reunite this ancient tribe, across borders and cultural barriers,through the voice of the regions leading artists. Resulting in a unique musical collaboration.

Small Island, Big Song’s founder Tim Cole is an Australian Filmmaker and Music Producer specialising in cross cultural indigenous arts projects – filmed, recorded and produced in the field, independently. His work has led him to some of the most remote and unique cultures of the Asia/Pacific region producing award winning projects including ‘Tabaran’ filmed in the shadow of a Papua New Guinean volcano, ‘Pintupi’, with the last Aboriginal tribe to leave their nomadic lifestyle and ‘Vanuatu Women’s Water Music’, directing a feature film capturing the unique culture of the Banks Islands, Vanuatu.