Tribe Person Walking Africa

Tribal Wisdom Foundation

In an increasingly fragmented modernised world, ancient practices are being lost, as generations no longer pass along their customs. Within these teachings lie potentially valuable insights into the worlds of alternative medicines, child-rearing practices, how to deal with loss, and so much more: all of the timeless issues that humans have faced for millennia.

Tribal Wisdom seeks to bring together these lost and often remote practices in one place for objective review and invites the user to take an inspiring journey, not only to evaluate these ideas from other cultures, but also to examine with critical eyes, his or her own culture. Perhaps the user may also benefit from this wisdom that has endured for generations or even hundreds of years.

The Tribal Wisdom Foundation

Tribal Wisdom is a benevolent foundation, that aims to preserve knowledge and traditional practices from around the world, before it is lost.

We are building an online platform to collate and make available information from tribes, indigenous peoples and societies around the globe, on all topics that each human being faces, thereby providing access to possible answers one would not otherwise be exposed to.