Valérie Mostert

My own healing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) started at the age of 24, when I backpacked through South America for a year and I ended up living with indigenous communities (the Quechuas in Peru and Bolivia, the Indians of the Amazonia, the Kogi in Columbia). My self-discovery journey started with them and has never stopped since. The Maasai in Kenya, the Himba in Namibia, the Lolo in Vietnam, the Yogi in India, the inhabitants of the longhouses in Borneo, the local families in Nepal and Laos, the nomads in Mauritania, the shamans in Mexico, the Aborigines in Northern Australia, … have all contributed to my growth and transformation.

As a perpetual learner, I wanted to dig deeper into the science behind the transforming life experiences I had witnessed.

I first studied holistic health, integrative nutrition and permaculture. As a coach in nutrition and permaculture for 12 years, I wrote 5 books and was awarded Person of the Year by the “We are Smart World Association” (Benelux) for my positive impact and contribution to healthier food and more sustainable agriculture. Raising awareness in this sector pushed me to go even deeper. I kept on studying cognitive psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, quantum physics and spirituality.

In 2018, I got certified as a Life Mastery Consultant and Transformational Coach. Since then, I’ve been honored and humbled to guide people on THEIR life journeys. My purpose is to reconnect them to their minds, hearts, bodies and souls so they can better reconnect to others and the world. Merging science and spirituality, modern discoveries and ancient wisdom is what makes my inside-out process comprehensive, but also purpose-driven and action-oriented. In my online coaching programs and live retreats, I integrate all the tools that helped me heal, grow, transform and become. We create communities of supportive and inspiring people where we implement transformational tools including NVC, NLP, psychotherapeutic techniques, yoga, free dance, meditations,…

Vision in Mind was created because I have a vision of a better tomorrow, where we are all deeply connected to ourselves, others and the world. The world includes all the communities of indigenous people who have so much to tell, but not always the means. Will you join me in my vision?