Why Warriors

We are a committed group of Balanda (mainstream) and Yolngu (East Arnhem Land Aboriginal) individuals who believe in making a difference. We partner together to bring locally controlled change, as well as opportunities for cultures to understand each other.

Why Warriors co-founder Richard Trudgen wrote the seminal book “Why Warriors Lie Down And Die”, a landmark analysis of the cross-cultural differences and challenges on the interface between mainstream and remote Indigenous Australia. It is utilised by Universities and personnel working with Indigenous group across Australia and Internationally.

What we do;

We nurture locally driven projects in Aboriginal communities across Northeast Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, providing support for Indigenous visionaries, solutions for Health and lifestyle change, and region wide education.

We provide a variety of training tools for people wanting to know how to work effectively with Indigenous or diverse communities. Learn more from our Bridging The Gap training, Richard Trudgen’s book “Why Warriors Lie Down And Die”, or our free learning portal.