Commended Andrea Coco Italy

“The mysterious signals from the ancient past seem to survive through apparently unconscious carriers in the infinite time of the universal knowledge. Questions arise, when traditions are passed on almost fiercely from generation to generation, creating a mind set where there is no space left to other forms of celebration of life, that could possibly contaminate the original message. Out of ignorance, all these questions arise. What is the ultimate meaning of these manifestations of faith? Who are the holders of the real knowledge that can understand these intricate performances?”

Born in Catania (Sicily), Andrea Coco studied 3D animation, then moved to London to study visual effects, collaborating in the meantime with a short movie team. It is during this period that he becomes passionate about photography. Back in Sicily, where he currently lives and works, he starts attending the activities of some photographic associations. Later, he continued his training through several workshops in Italy and abroad, improving visual skills and approach to journalistic photo story. This is when he founded 24mm Studio and, through the excellent collaboration with his team, is trying to bring his know-how and passion into photography.