Commended Anne Sarah Dijkhorst Netherlands

“I shoot whatever breaths a story.
Mother nature on her best.
Human beauty at it’s purest.
In a world full of illusions,
I seek for the essence.
I look for authenticity.
I look for soul.”

Anne Sarah, born in a city while growning up in the muddy soil of the country side, already learned about contrasts at a young age. Confronted with a lot of change the move generated, she noticed the difference between people and places. Exactly this gave her all the input to seek for the authentic and lightened her free soul. Anne Sarah traveled the world with open eyes, an ever growing awareness and of-course her beloved Canon. After finishing her study Fashion and Branding at AMFI Amsterdam, she knew she wanted more. “I feel the desire to show the world the world. Something that is untangible and connecting us all. A little reminder of our nature. Things that otherwise will be forgotten.”

“Sure, we all need to ‘survive’, but there is always space for more than what we think we know. I love stepping out of my comfort zone and getting myself into crazy situations, just to have different impulses and to feel the excitement of the unknown. This is where traveling hits me, but in Amsterdam I do it on smaller levels. Sometimes it is nice to give, to ‘serve’ and make this place, we call earth, more beautiful. Telling stories to create more awareness or making statements to open people’s eyes. It can be refreshing to work on a base of intentions, instead of money. Right now, we are sitting on a couch which I ‘paid’ by shooting pictures of it. To me life is just a playfull experiment and sometimes that seems to be forgetten it in the seriousness of daily routines. I hope that not only my work, but also the way I work will be a little reminder for those around me.”