First Place - Portrait Aron Klein United Kingdom

“In our society ceremony and ritual have ceased to be a part of the cultural fabric, as they once were. I was drawn to document a community that remains to place so much value on folk law and ritual, with the practice still alive and flourishing in the face of modernity.”

Aron has won 1st place in our 2018 Photo Competition within the category ‘portrait’.

Aron’s camera has lead him around the world working on a diverse range of assignments from working with NGOs in refugee camps in Europe and Africa, working with tourist boards across Asia and the Middle East, through to documenting pilgrims at the world’s highest pilgrimage site on the roof of the world in Tibet.

Aron’s work has been featured internationally in magazines such as, the National Geographic, Huk Magazine, The Independent Photographer, Its Nice That, Ignant, Calvert Journal and Suitcase Magazine.

Having spent the last 3 years working as a commercial photographer in London with some of the Uk’s leading PR and advertising agencies, Aron still continues to travel, learn and understand the world through his lens, striving to document communities and cultures that retain the importance of ceremony and ritual.