Third Place - Series Gustavo Herrera Yepez Mexico

“Despite the language barrier, none of the Zapotec or Chiapas spoke Spanish, I’ve grown in my ability to universally communicate with gestures, my eyes and a smile. There was great curiosity in everyone who noticed and befriended me, truly a privilege to capture such beauty while exploring the depths of an even greater curiosity within myself. I wish to advance in my pursuit of photographing the great diversity of peoples in our world.”

Gustavo Herrera Yepez won 3rd place in our 2018 Photography Competition, category ‘Series’.

I’m a visual artist born in Chicago to parents born in Guanajuato. I served as teaching artist for the National Museum of Mexican Art, photo documenting projects and programming for an extended period. I continue to independently photo document in Mexico, USA and across the world. The presented works convey the most unique of my “Día de Muertos” experiences, the day of the dead market in Tlacolula where Zapotec locals from very small towns flock to a centralized market for all their celebratory needs. Included also, the Purépecha community along lake Patzcuaro, vibrant and thriving communities across the state of Michoacán, visual spectacle so intimate one can only feel the invitation. In the highlands of Chiapas, descendants of the Mayans, the Tzotzil communities walk up to a mountainous cemetery bright and early in the morning to celebrate their ancient ritual.