Honourable Mention Mambali Numbulwar

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. Singing this song Yuwani means a lot to me and my people in my homeland of Numbulwar, singing this ancient song that’s been pass down from generations and we still have the song line to this day

Bradley Bura 

Mambali Band, a young and exciting emerging force in NT music, comes from Numbulwar – a remote coastal community on the edge of the Gulf Of Carpentaria. They have been performing for the last few years at festivals around the NT and are soon to launch their debut album.
Mambali fuse their traditional cultural songs and rhythms with contemporary sounds and beats and create a pulsating performance that has wowed local audiences since 2008. Their traditional songs are about country, culture and the Dhumbul Dance (Devil Dance) but are performed with contemporary arrangements, edge and energy.

They sing mainly in their first language Nunggubuyu and like many Aboriginal bands Mambali strive to be a positive influence on the next generation. They strongly believe that music is a key to that positive influence and is a powerful means of engaging young people. Mambali are also keen to share their songs and culture and introduce a wider audience to the richness of their life on the remote shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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