Mentawai Indonesia indigenous

Mentawai, Indonesia

The Mentawai Self Documentation Project is focused around an indigenous led education program, run on the island of Mentawai, Indonesia, to re-connect the communities on the island with their ancestral knowledge about medicinal plants, basket weaving, traditional Mentawai dance, storytelling and local mythology, language and hunting techniques.

The project is widely held by both local schools and authorities to make sure Mentawai culture is preserved for future generations. Sinchi collaborates on this project with the Yayasan Pendidikan Suku Mentawai, Sam Lee and Rob Henry from the Indigenous Education Foundation and Steyn Hoogakker from Impact Journey to document the process from inside out, by donating cameras, tripods and laptops to the communities and giving workshops.

Further details and results of the Mentawai self documentation project will follow soon.