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An ethnobotanists’ protocol to reduce indigenous cases of COVID-19 in the Amazon

Meet Michael Stuart Ani. This might not be the first time you read his name, he has been a trusted friend, advisor and Sinchi program director for the Ghost Dance Storytelling-Project. Go here to read more about that.

Michael has been a student of plant medicine for over 50 years, having lived with the Mazateca of Mexico (well-known for their sacred mushrooms) for 10 years and 20 years with the Yamomami in Venezuela. He was also a very important vehicle in fighting the major epidemics amongst the Yamomami in the Venzuelan rainforest during the 80s; He introduced the plant Artemisia annua  which proved to be a much more effective antimalarial than the WHO pharmaceutical used at the time.

We are publishing his protocol for combatting the alarming rate at which COVID-19 is currently spreading amongst indigenous populations in the Amazon today, 20 years later. Because we believe that Michael could play a similarly important role in fighting this epidemic.

From an article in National Geographic Magazine, published on June 12 2020: “According to figures compiled by the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), the country’s principal indigenous federation, deaths from COVID-19 in indigenous communities have risen from 46 on May 1 to 262 on June 9. APIB’s statistics also show that 9.1 percent of indigenous people who contract the disease are dying, nearly double the ‘normal’ rate of 5.2 percent.”



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