Sinchi Community Support and Objectives

Sinchi Discovery Project Australia – Preservation of Indigenous Culture and Learning from Ancient knowledge

Sinchi is a not for profit organization that has been created to work throughout the world in the field of Human Rights with a special interest on the preservation of indigenous culture and children’s rights. Sinchi is founded by Tom Wheeler and Neisha Shepherd.

Tom Wheeler is the Managing Director of IR Global, a worldwide network of professional services firms with over 800 members spanning 150 countries. Neisha Shepherd, Solicitor is the Director of NLS Law whose law firm based in Australia advocates for human rights and social justice in Australia and internationally. Tom and Neisha share the same drive for instigating positive social change by focusing on the strength and beauty of culture. They hold the belief that the most powerful tool we have to implement such change is based on the understanding that our liberation and future is bound together.

Sinchi’s activities include a yearly Discovery Project, a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, International Human Rights network and a platform for arts, utilizing film, photography, music & dance to share stories both online and via events.

Our purpose in launching the Discovery Project is as follows:

  • Fund Raising – We will listen to the communities, to learn about their stories, traditions and art. Alongside the communities we will identify sustainable projects that they would like assistance on. Funds raised for 2016 will be distributed between the communities and projects identified.
  • Content – The core of the discovery project is learn from the communities. We hope to share the stories of the people within and inspire people from all over the world to think more about how they live in balance with nature and their relationship to the community around them and the respect for indigenous cultures.
  • Legal Assistance – Aboriginal and Western legal systems are not compatible and this can create a number of issues. Co-founder of Sinchi, Neisha Shepherd will be offering legal workshops and advice where invited to do so. Neisha will also offer advice on developing projects, community capacity building and be available to communities to assist them where needed.
  • Arts & Music – We are passionate in learning about art, music and culture within the different communities. This is a vital tool in engaging the outside world to understand the importance of preserving the culture and ancestral knowledge.
  • Sports – Indigenous soccer players have thrown their support behind the project and will be assisting Sinchi to promote sport, health and recreation including attending some programs with different communities that are identified in 2016.
  • Documentation – Preserving the stories and lives of the many aboriginal people around Australia. Through photography and film Sinchi will be documenting the discovery project which will show the world the importance of preservation and strength of culture.

We respect the privacy and wishes of each community, however to fulfil our objectives, we would like to ask permission to;

  • Take photography
  • Film Community and Interviews
  • Record Musicians
  • Visit Art Centre’