West Papua Campaign

Free West Papua Campaign

The Free West Papua Campaign exists to inform the world about the ongoing genocide in the nation West Papua and to raise awareness and support for West Papua’s full freedom through self-determination. West Papua is a country just 250km North of Australia, which is under brutal Indonesian military occupation. Over 500,000 indigenous Melanesian West Papuan people have been killed yet much of the world remains blind.

Enduring decades of systematic genocide, the people of West Papua continue to struggle for freedom and their right to a referendum. Sinchi supports the Dutch branche of the Free West Papua Campaign, led by West Papuan and independence advocate Raki Ap, with a grant to spread awareness about the genocide of the West Papuan people. It’s proven very difficult to create media attention for the human rights violations taking place in the country. Our incentive is to create better access to reliable news sources for the situation in West Papua. This takes place in the form of documentation and the creation of media outlets.

For more information on Free West Papua Campaign, go here: freewestpapua.org

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