Sinchi Launch Event

We are proud to be partnering with our favourite venue in Amsterdam – Pllek for our first event.

One of our core mandates is to promote the beauty of indigenous culture through the arts.


We have long used music for expression, entertainment, communication and to validate religious rituals.  It helps us express our individual identity, and reaffirms our membership of a community, our sense of being and belonging. For Indigenous communities , music can provide a sense of continuity with the past, with cultural traditions and ancestral heritage.  The challenge now is for us to care enough about what lies outside our own worlds, so that together we may make efforts to recover what is nearly lost. (International recognition of this new global crisis led UNESCO in 2003 to proclaim a need for “urgent safeguarding” of the world’s intangible cultural heritage, including music).

Shared Spiritual experiences

Aboriginal and Indigenous culture express their spirituality in many ways, these include;

  • – Rituals & ceremonies
  • – Totems,
  • – Art
  • – Storytelling,
  • – Community gathering,
  • – Music & Dance

These different facets express what it is to be human. They offer a direct glimpse at the creativity of the human mind, and represents a continuum of intellect and imagination through the generations. As such, their  loss would be a loss to the common heritage of humanity.

Sinchi Event Day Program 

During the day we aim to raise awareness and funds for the Sinchi project and invite the public to join us for various activities. This is focused on art, storytelling, community gathering and music.

These include;

  • Art / Photo Gallery (Silent auction)
  • Children’s aboriginal art workshops
  • Project presentation with press invitation
  • Performance artists and live music (Including Pop up performance)
  • Aboriginal inspired menu

Night Program – Altered States

The night program will naturally appeal to a different audience and if centred on the ritual, totems, music & dance.  This will be an immersive / interactive experience and bringing an element of spirituality / connectedness to the electronic music scene.

The conceptual idea to create 2 rooms with a high contrast, one which represents an organic, natural feel and the other a more synthetic, industrial sound. This experience will be heightened by a sounds/ light installation between the 2 worlds.

Some of the elements the night program will include;

  • Perfomance artists – creating a modern day interpretation of the ritual / ceremony
  • Video Mapping creating totems + giant mask
  • Renowned DJ’s

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